Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

A change will do me good.

Okay, I went and did it.

After almost ten years on Live Journal (August 4 is my ten year anniversary, if you can believe?), I've finally made the long-promised switch, and changed my official name from "nocompromises" to tedwords.

Why the change? I just don't see nocompromises as making as much sense in my life any more, honestly. That name was created back when I was questioning everything and looking to have it all without thinking of the consequences. But the truth is, while questioning everything is damn good, every step of the way, I constantly thought about the consequences. And I made compromises, too. Many, many compromises. How could I not? To not do so would have been far more self-absorbed than I'm capable of being.

So, tedwords. Which in some ways is just as self-absorbed. On the other hand, I like the thought of having a form of language that's just my own.

A new name for a new day. Kind of fun, although, I tell you, hitting the button to change the name was...well, scary. It was like pushing the delete button on a persona you've worn for almost a decade.

New name, new persona. Don't get confused, okay? If you get messages from tedwords, it's just plain old Ted, coming to call.
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