Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

It's funny to consider how much has changed during this past year. Very rarely these days, do I think about Steven, especially after sending him the email where I released him from my heart. I recall so many summers spent mooning over him, crying in my bedroom where no one could see me--and playing the following song over and over. I played that tape to the point where I had to buy another one.

Even to this day, this song evokes bittersweet memories of young love and the heady feeling of sexual attraction to the point of constant distraction. I said such foolish things for him...I don't regret them...but I'm so glad that I finally have moved beyond. Someone Saved My Life Today...and that person was you, Josie.

I used to know this old scarecrow
He was my song, my joy and sorrow
Cast alone between the furrows
Of a field no longer sown by anyone

I held a dandelion
That said the time had come
To leave upon the wind
Not to return
When summer burned the earth again

Cultivate the freshest flower
This garden ever grew
Beneath these branches
I once wrote such childish words for you

But that's okay
There's treasure children always seek to find
And just like us
You must have had
A once upon a time
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