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Snapshots from Green Victoria

Peace, harmony, and tacky little manger scenes.

My 2009 holiday present to all my friends. is it any wonder I spent 2010 in purgatory?

Interlude the First

Yesterday Josie and I started our Christmas shopping for the kids in ernest. Spent the day together going from store to store, followed by a little dinner at Bertucci's, to talk about the kids and plot strategy for the rest of the presents.

Before she left for the day, she mischievously said to Ashes, "Your daddy and I have a date this afternoon."

"Heh," replied Ashes. "There's a better chance of giraffes growing wings."

As we were shopping, we bumped into Rose, a lady who who used to Annie's boss. She kind of did a double take. "Kind of surprised to see the two of you together," she said.

No matter how long it's been, I still like the fact that we're still surprising people with our own peculiar take on civilization.


My 2008 abomination

Interlude the second

Today Corb and I officially became members of the church we've been going to this past year. Well, I was actually the one representing the two of us and Corb was inducted in abstentia. He's take a second job for the holidays, and is basically working seven days a week, from now until the end of time. Sales job, too, so he's basically standing all day. He complains about his feet a lot, as a result.

One of the things they ask you to do in this church is to go up and sign the church book, which has been around since the founding, back in 18-seventy-something. As I went to sign it, the pen ran out of ink. You think that's a sign?


2007, at least...the rough version. I couldn't find the final!

Interlude the Last

Still haven't gotten around to putting together my annual tacky holiday card. As you may recall, each year I do a slightly sacriligious riff on the manger scene. One year it was Britney Spears, another Sarah Palin and the presidential election. Last year it was an homage to Tiger Woods and his girlfriends.

I know what I want to do this year, but just haven't gotten the mojo going to get 'er done. I will one of these days, I suppose. I always do, even if it's usually at the last minutes.

If you want your own copy of my tacky little...collectible? Just let me know. I'll need your mailing address, of course, which we can exchange. Drop me a line!
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