Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Food and Chicago.

Just arrived back from a three day trip to Chicago. Some thoughts:

--The first night, we ate at a place called Spiaggia, a four star Italian joint which is supposed to be Obama's favorite restaurant in Chicago. I can see why. The food was terrific, especially the tray of tiny gelati e sorbetto they served at the end. Eight different flavors, served in a shell, all in a row!

--The next night, ate at Ditka's. Liked this one even better, because it spoke to the carnivore in me. The steak was delicious, as were the ribs, and the sides of pork they served were roughly the size of bronto burgers.

--Barely made my plane today. The line at O'Hare was insane and the system they had in place for checking bags didn't make much sense. And then, once I get on the plane, the guy next to me was eating Chinese food that smelled delicious. Since I hadn't eaten lunch, the next two hours were torture.

--Finished the Hunger Games trilogy on the trip. I was going to save the last book for the plane rides, but couldn't wait, and finished it off my first night there. Probably the most engaging series of books I've read in years.

While I like Chicago, especially the architecture, I have to admit, it's not my favorite city. It just feels flat to me, for some reason, which leaves me with a low underlying sense of depression. Last time I was here, I was totally down in the dumps the morning of my last day. I recall vividly sitting in my hotel room, feeling this overwhelming sense of depression. Didn't feel it that bad this time around, but I guess I'm just an East Coast kind of guy, at heart.
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