Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Summer Turning to Fall.

Well, it's basically here, I guess...that moment I dread. Summer has officially given way to fall.

I'm sure it happened quite a few days before today, but I just haven't wanted to accept it. I'm a summertime person, all the way. I love the hot weather and bright sunny days, and the more carefree feeling in the air. Not to mention the absence of much clothing on the boys!

Fall is Corb's given season, so midway through every summer, he'll start to say that he feels fall in the air. The thought will always depress me and make me grumpy, and I'll always snap at him to be quiet.

He likes the feel and the chill in the air, and I get that, but fall always reminds me of the fact that winter's just a season away. My Greek blood doesn't like that thought.

Still, with the large picture window in our living room, it is a nice sight and feeling here at the new apartment, especially with with the windows wide open. Theo's in his room playing Halo Reach and Ashes is in her room doing homework, and Corb's on his way home from work. That leaves time for me to lay on the couch and type...and any day that happens has to be a good day, regardless of the season.
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