Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

And the winner of the Pretty Pretty foot contest is..., feet down, the voters preferred Pauline's feet, most of all! As a result, Pauline's feet will receive a lovely tiara and red robe, and will get to appear adorning a float in a parade to be named later.

Josie's feet did come in second place. But after taking a look at the attached photo, I'm thinking that they should have placed even lower, just based on this photo alone:

By the way, there was one trick photo in the was actually of a man. However, when asked, only one person figured out that the man's feet was not the pair that didn't have nail polish on the toes (the ugliest of the bunch, frankly), but another pair. And all involved agreed that if I had posted the following photo, his piggies would have been the winners, without a doubt...there's just something about the use of vegetables as garnish that really pretties a foot up, don't you think?

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