Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria


Saw two more places today. Both were light-years ahead of what we saw last week.

The first was our favorite so far, even better, I think, thanks the place that fell through. It's a townhouse with four levels, in a secluded area, with ample space for both kids. It has a backyard, lots of storage space (we could easily move all the stuff we have placed at the houses my parents, Corb's mother, and Josie, and still have room for more). There'd be no fighting with Ashes over who'd have the bigger bedroom...she could take her pick, and we'd still be happy.

The only problem is that Tina says that the person offering the place seems to be a little flaky.

The second is basically half of a house. The owner, a little old lady with a heart condition, lives alone in the other half. It's got lots of room, and quite a few interesting features. It has a dining room that opens up, and our dining room set would look absolutely gorgeous in it.

The only problem I see is that the landlady is hyper-religious. When we walked into the living room, she actually had a burning candle lit next to a painting of Jesus, even though she didn't live in that half of the house.

Hmmm. Would she like two fagalas living next door to her? Would two fagalas like living next door to her?

Actually, that might make for a few interesting stories.

We told Tina we'd like both of them, but please try for the first, first. We'll see what happens.
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