Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

So, it's official...

Last night we signed the contract for the new place.

I have to admit, although it's tough lately to get me excited about much (and yes, I'm trying to change that), I am pretty excited about this move, which will take place in about a month.

First off, I like the feel of the new place. The apartment we're in now is lovely, but it never really felt like home to me. It's much too big, too impersonal. It feels more like a hotel or a time share than a home.

Secondly, between the move and the divorce, I'll be saving about $600 a month. That will help a lot!

Next, there will be room for everyone. Ashes will get her bedroom with an attached bathroom (and a skylight), Theo will get his own bedroom (with an actual door...he's never had that!), Corb will get a huge room for his huge bed, and I will get...and I think I'm most excited about this own study! Where I can put my books and write with the door closed and everything.

I've wanted that for more years than I can say. When Josie and I first bought our house, I thought I might get it, but she had to work at home and so, it became her office. Then Theo came along and it became his bedroom. And with the other apartments, there's never been enough room. So, this will be really cool and long overdue.

Next, it's a kind of quirky place. Kind of ugly when you first look at it, but charming once you're inside. I like quirky. Also, there's a feeling of peace that came over me when I started walking around it. Kind of the feeling I used to have when Josie and I had our second apartment in North Eldredge.

In fact, it's only a few blocks away from that apartment. So, I'll be living in North Eldredge once again. Right in the center, so we'll be close by the library, all the little boutique stores, the town pool...I'll have to give the kids keys, because I can see them having more freedom here.

In short, I really think this is going to be a good move. Of course, when I told the kids, Theo was thrilled (actual door, yipee!) and Ashes was...dead set against it.

"But you said you hate the place we're living in now," I said. "You've spent the past ten months complaining about it."

"I changed my mind," she replied. "Now I like it."

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