Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I plead the 4th.

A perfect sunset at my parents' beach house in Westport, RI

The week of July 4th is always one of my favorites, because typically I take the whole week off to just relax. I did that again this year, and so far, the week hasn't let me down, which I'm grateful for, because if ever I've needed some relaxation, it's been this year.

What more could I ask for? I've been working working away on the rewrites (and getting quite a lot done, too, may I add). But also, I've traveled to New England's gay mecca, had another haunting from Bathsheba, had a perfect day at one of my favorite vacation spots to go with the kids, and got to see some fireworks go off on July 4th. (And, if the fates are kind, I'll get to posting each of these stories as the week goes on).

So, not a bad five days, if I do say so myself.

One thing it's allowed me to do is to catch up a little bit on Live Journal, which I have to confess, I haven't had as much time for as I'd like...these past few months? Seems like years, in some ways.

I'd forgotten how many people there are whose journals I just adore! My friend fitfoool recently posted about ten of her favorite LJ users, and I have to admit, several of the ones she listed were favorites of mine, too. She provided links to all of her faves, and I'm going to friend a few of her suggestions that look really interesting. It was great rediscovering what I enjoyed so much about being part of an online group of journalistas.

One of her comments was that there's an impression out there that Live Journal has slowed down a bit in terms of content, and I have to admit, I was feeling that way about things, too. However, in going through my friends pages and catching up with some old favorites (such as ruralrob and my dear friend fixnwrtr) I realized that there's still lots of great stories being told, each and every day.

I'm going to make it a point this month to post more and read more, too. It makes me a better writer, I think, when I manage to stay in the loop here. Plus, with the play over and the rewrites moving along, I'll need something to occupy my time in the months ahead.

So, be warned...I plan on stalking several of you!
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