Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Bathsheba speaks.

"Do you believe the dead people like it for us to be here?"
Tom Sawyer

A few days ago, Corb discovered an old cemetery near our place.

He was driving by, with Theo. It's barely bigger than a postage stamp, really. Definitely family-owned.

It's surrounded by a thin wrought-iron fence, with a narrow opening at the front for the living to walk through. Well kept up, in many ways. You can tell that someone still cares for it, even if it isn't very fancy. Just a plain, ordinary, run-of-the-mill New England-style old-fashioned cemetery.

Corb pulled his car over. Theo and he got out of the car. Corb had paper in the back of the car and a few crayons, and they decided to go take some grave rubbings and a few photos.

"Funny thing is, in the photos, you can actually see the words on the grave better than you can in real life. The moss makes it really difficult to see, but see here?" He showed me his iPhone. "You can read it, just fine."

He showed me another photo, with the name Bathsheba Putnam on the headstone. "And see this one? When I took this photo, the phone froze and then the screen turned off. It made weird clicking noises. Then it went back to normal, a few minutes later."

Suddenly, the phone went black. "See? It just did it again. On that exact same photo."

Last night, at midnight, Theo, Corb, Ashes, and I crept out of our house to visit Bathsheba once again.

I wish I could say that we saw something. Devil-fire. Apparitions. But unfortunately, Ashes was too freaked out by the whole thing, and begged us to leave, even before we had actually entered the cemetary. All I managed to get was one shot of a gravestone, and a glimpse into a yellow window that illuminated one of the houses set next to the grave.

We'll be back, Bathsheba. Mark my words.

Otherwise... The rewrites are coming along...just needed a few days to decompress after the play. Have made it a point to chip away at the suggestions my agent made on Pictures of You . At first, I worked on the easier stuff, but last night, I identified where I wanted to start making the additions I had planned. It really is like building an addition onto your house.

I deliberately woke up at nine this morning and managed to grab the tone for the newest addition I'm making and dash off two pages, like that. That's a good sign.

Today we travel to Provincetwon. Corb warns me that it's going to be a long, busy trip, because it's the day before the 4th. I know that, but I think it will be fun. We need to do us some adventuring.
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