Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Bananas beware.

As we were food shopping this morning, I spotted a bargain on bananas and went to grab myself a bunch (because I'm all about the banana grabbing, naturally). Corb, impatient soul that he is, waited for me for all of two seconds and then pushed the shopping cart away, on his way to the meat aisle (because Corb's all about the meat).

I hurried to catch up to him, letting the banana bunch dangle precariously between two fingers. "Don't ever do that again!" I said, when I finally caught up to him. Quickly, I dumped the bananas into the cart.

"What's the matter this time?" asked Corb.

"I have a fear of bananas," I replied. "Don't you know that some bunches have black widow spiders hiding inside them? I don't want to get bitten."

Corb shook his head and pushed the cart away. "I think I learn something new and freakish about you every day..."

"It could happen!" I looked at him knowingly. "I've heard stories. That's why I always shake my bananas before I pick them up."

"It's an urban legend!" he replied. "Seriously, Ted, I think it's more likely that you'll find a monkey hiding inside your banana bunch than a black widow spider."

Scoff if he must. We'll see who has the last laugh, someday! All I know is, I won't be the one being bit by a black widow spider, any time soon.
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