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From Design to Execution (and other stories)

For those who have been wondering how the Ashes room turned out, I think we're ready to unveil the final product. Here's how Corb scribbled it out on paper:

...and here's what it looks like in real time. Note, some of the elements aren't complete, yet. For example, the room hasn't yet received a paint job, and probably won't for a few more months. So, as you can see from the design, there will be a black border around the grill and candles.

I think Corb did a pretty good Captain Fantastic job, frankly. And it looks especially spooky if you add some mood lighting:

Check out the black chandelier, which you couldn't see in the previous shot. I tell you, if I were a vampire, I'd be happy to live in this room. And, if I were Liberace come back to life as a vampire, or a sixteen-year-old girl, I'd be especially happy to live in this room.

In other news...

So, how was our Thanksgiving?

Pretty good. Dinner at my parent's was great. Betty Barnacle cooked a delicious meal and even presented Corb with a green plastic froggy that lit up and played tunes, just to get him back for naming her Betty Barnacle the Frog Killer.

I think that Corb learned the most out of this Thanksgiving season. At his work, his boss committed the management team to volunteering at a local foods pantry, and Corb worked two days.

I asked how things went. "You really appreciate how lucky we are to have a nice home," he replied. "The place was packed. And, I found myself wanting to give more out than I was supposed to. We had one Hispanic lady with three kids who came in, and I couldn't help it, I snuck in an extra box of cereal for her...she was so grateful, for just that!"

I admire people who give back like that. A friend of mine, Deb, spent the afternoon of Thansgiving eve volunteering at a soup kitchen.

For my part, I did put together a press release for a local food drive taking place in a few weeks. Not quite the same thing, I know...and I mean to change that.


Aside from the turkey, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play? Well, the best part of the day, of course, was getting together with the family. We went to Josie's for breakfast with all the kids, and then Corb and I took Theo to my parent's house, to hang with my family.

That night, the three of us went to see the movie 2012, which Theo was seeing for the second time, and which he has decided is his "new favorite movie."

It was decent, in an Irwin Allen disaster spectacular kind of way. But somewhere between the theater and bringing Theo home, I lost my George Castanza-size wallet.

So, it's been a busy day, today. We looked everywhere last night for that wallet, at the movie theater, at Josie's house, and everywhere in between. It was tough, at night, and the movie staff was less than helpful. It was a Showcase cinema, for those wondering...and they didn't even think to ask me for my name and number, in case anyone found it. Their attitude was more like, "Oh you lost your wallet? Yawn."

This morning, I checked at Showcase again, but it hadn't turned up. So, after searching through my car one last time, I went through the torturous process of canceling all my cards, then having them reissued. Then I drove to the registry to get a temporary license.

In some ways, I needed to do this, so maybe losing my wallet isn't such a bad thing after all. While re-ordering, I changed the address on all of my cards, including my license, which I needed to do, anyway. And, I registered to vote in my new town. South Eldredge has a new Democrat.

It almost feels like a rebirth, of sorts. And, no more George Costanza wallet, filled to the gills with receipts and slips. From now on, it's a more sleek, streamlined Ted.

Well, for a few days, at least.

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