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true confessions.

I come today bearing this photo of a tree frog that Corb took, the other night. We discovered it clinging for dear life, stuck halfway up our front door, after a rainstorm.

I also come bearing a secret.

Oh, what...? The secret?

Well, here's the deal...and of course, you know, I'm only telling you, right? Only you...this'll just be between the two of us...bend over, okay? No, not for that! That's disgusting, you naughty monkey. I just want you to lend me your ear for a minute...

I'm going to Disney World.

With Corb, that is. Just the two of us. Originally, he was trying to arrange for us to try and make it to Cancun, but we didn't have time to get passports. He had this obsession about visiting ancient Mayan ruins, something he found tremendously appealing, for some reason. Then again, Corb's always had a thing for ancient ruins...just look at how fond he is of me, after all.

Not with the kids. I know, I know, that sounds horrible! But keep in mine, I took the whole family to Disney last year for a week. And also, I promised Ashes I'd take them back in 2010, when the Harry Potter amusement park opens up. And also, I'm taking them away to Vermont the day after Corb and I return, where we'll spend seven days together.

So, I think I'm justified in spending a little alone time with Corb. And I have to admit, I'm really looking forward to this trip. I've only spent time in Disney with the family or as part of a work thing. Never just the two of us.

Okay, I admit it, I'm feeling like a little kid about everything. This trip is going to kick ass!

Oh. What's that you say? How did I manage to arrange to go to Disney without incurring the wrath of my children? That one's simple...I simply lied my ass off.

See, on July 4, while we were at my parents' beach house, after a nice paddleboat ride, I found the right time to take my dad aside. And here's what I said.

ME: Dad, I need you to do me a favor.
DAD (Drink in hand): What's that, Teddy?
ME: I need you to invite me to go to Block Island with you for five days.
DAD: But I don't want to go to Block Island for five days.
ME: Neither do I.

My thought was, if I told the kids I was heading off to boring Block Island with my boring old dad, they couldn't possibly get upset with me. Who cares about going to Block Island? And it's worked beautifully, too...the kids haven't complained once. I honestly don't think they've given it much thought, actually.

The choice of Block Island is one that has something of a personal history in my family, actually, so the choice of this particular lie is kind of an exquisite one. See, my dad really did have a habit of going away to Block Island during the summer, with "the guys," when I was growing up. He'd go away for three or four days and leave Mom stuck with four young kids.

Mom hated it. When he'd return home from these trips, she refused to talk to him for hours. One time, she hid in our cellar and forced him to go looking for her.

I always wondered what horrible things he could be doing at Block Island that made her so angry. But I think, in reality, it was just the injustice of it all...why did "the man" get a break with "the guys" for a week away from the family, and the little woman, who spent all her days stuck with the kids 24/7 as it was, doesn't get any away time? Unfair, it was.

After a while, dad stopped going. Mom's subtle pressure, I believe.

So here I am, "the man" taking a break away from "the family" with "the guy." Funny how history repeats itself, eh? Of course, my specific set of circumstances are a little different than my father's. At least, I think they are...

Ah, this is one little white lie I can live with. As my mother said, when I told her the truth the other day, "Teddy, you deserve some alone time with Corb. Go there and have a blast!"

Mom's come a long way from hiding in basements, apparently.

Anyway, it's the start of a great two weeks. 15 days away from work! I haven't done this in so many years, I can hardly believe it. I know I'll come back to a huge pile of work, but I'm thinking it'll be worth it.

So, in addition to relaxing and enjoying myself, I've promised myself that I'll write one page of Pictures every day (I'm Chapter 18, now), and will also post one entry every day, with photo. At that rate, I should be up to Chapter 20 or thereabouts, and once I get there...only about six chapters left...

Anyway, that's my secret. Promise you won't say anything, okay? Pinky swear?

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