Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Rock of Ages

"Daddy," said Ashes today. "Guess what I just found on A Tokyo Hotel blanket. It'll go really nice with my Tokio Hotel T-shirts."

"Just what you need!" I exclaimed. "Now you can wrap your body at night around the images of your favorite transgendered rock stars!"

"If you think they're different, you should see my new favorite, Cinema Bizarre. They're from Berlin!"

Of course, at this, the real patriot in me flared up. "Why can't you support good old-fashioned American groups?" I said. "This is simply un-American! Did you know that when our forefathers founded American, they only listened to good old fashioned American rock music? None of this foreign crap! You should do the same!"

"What kind of rock music did they listen to?" asked Ashes, curious.

At last, a chance to share a teaching moment with my child. "Oh, all sorts! They all had their own rock bands! George Washington was a member of that seminal sixties band, the Wooden Teeth! John Adams had his Beer Bellies! And Benjamin Franklin was the founding member of Benjamin and the Frank-tones."

"What about John Hancock?" she asked.

"We don't talk about his group," I said, sternly.
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