Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Time travel...brain gone haywire...

So, Corb and I went to see the Star Trek movie last night. Can someone help me out with something?

Cut to prevent spoiler warning

So, the evil Romulan commander from the future waits around for 25 years, until the old Spock appears through the black hole, and then he grabs him and deposits him on an ice planet. Then he has his thorny evil spaceship make its way to the Vulcan planet, where he starts digging into the core and ends up fighting the Enterprise. After Commander Pike is placed in Romulan custody, the new Spock dumps the new Kirk onto the ice planet where he just happens to meet up with the old Spock, who tells him that, surprise surprise, an Enterprise outpost just happens to be a few miles away.

So my question is, why didn't Spock just walk to that outpost to begin with and alert the Federation about what was happening? It seems to me that might have saved an awful lot of time...not to mention the extermination of his planet. And from the timeline, I think he would have had the time, unless he just felt like digging a good old ice tunnel instead of saving the universe. I mean, I know he wanted to get the new Spock and the new Kirk together, but really, couldn't the male bonding have taken place later on?

Am I missing something? But then keep in mind, Corb says I always over-analyze movies.
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