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I'm currently reading an article titled "Brain Gain" in the New Yorker about the use of neuroenhancers, and came upon this quote: "In the near future...some neurologists will refashion themselves as "quality-of-life consultants," whose role will be to provide information (about neuroenhancers) while abrogating final responsibility for these decisions to patients. The demand is certainly there: from overwrought parents bent on giving their children every possible edge; from anxious employees in an efficiency-obsessed, Blackberry-equipped office culture, where work really never ends."

So, I read this, and I think to myself...why don't I want my life to be anything like that?

Pump my kids full of neuroenhancers to give them an edge over other kids? That's for helicoptor parents who are obsessed with being better than everyone else and have to send their kids to the best schools and brag about how their kids performed better than anyone else in the class. Why in earth would I really want to inflict something like that upon my children? My children will live their lives and make their way in this world. I have no desire to force them into a mindset where they have to look at things constantly as an endless rat race where you have to do all you can to get ahead. Why? What for? What's the point? What do you win at the end?

Spend my life endlessly working? Wringing my hands all day, worrying about whether I'm being efficient enough? Whether I've worked enough hours? Why? What the hell kind of life is that? I'm much happier putting in a full week of work, but then having time for things I truly enjoy, truly derive meaning and satisfaction from: my family, reading, theater, occasionally going on adventures, traveling, and writing insane posts about things like giant hemorrhoids the size of a baby's fist and Bristol Palin dressing up as a superhero to fight for abstinence.

Don't get me wrong. I think I'm more than productive. I do good at work, I get involved with theater, I'm happy with my writing output. I just think that one should spend a healthy amount of one's life focusing on more frivolous pursuits. Laugh a little. Have a good meal. Maybe a few drinks, every now and then. Socialize. Tell tall tales.

That's what makes for a life well lived. It's not just about direction, because ultimately, that direction is meaningless and ever-shifting. Sometimes it's what you do between direction that's far, far more gratifying.
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