Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Winter in Eldredge

Just when we were getting provocative glimpses of spring, winter ups and rears its ugly head again. Twelve inches of snow was the forecast, yesterday morning. I'm not sure if we ended up with a foot of snow, but as you can see tell from the photo, Saint WhoziWhatsis was at least knee deep in snowfall all afternoon long.

Unwilling to travel out in my incredible fishtailing Mustang, I worked out of the house all day long. The kids had the day off, and joined me around two. Corb wasn't about to make the one hour trip into work, and fortunately, his boss gave him the day off.

I spent most of the day on the couch, working away. It really is a nice feeling...I could get quite used to it. And, I was pretty productive, too. Corb spent most of the time by my side, surfing the internet and looking up silly things on YouTube.

The book is almost wrapped up. My goal is to get it all done before I leave for New York City on Thursday. Corb and I are going with our friend Judi, who has assistant directed for me quite a few times, and our friend Sue, who has been my prop mistress. We've kind of bonded since the last show I've directed and decided to make an adventure out of our friendship. no, the girls are not a couple.

Thursday night, we're going to see Guys and Dolls. My boss, David, gleefully emailed me tonight to tell me that the New York Times hated it, and did I want to see the review? I told him yes...after I see the show.

Last week, auditions were held for the show I would have directed, had I not been wrapped up in the Late Night world. I dropped by the first night, to lend them some support. Am I sad that I didn't direct? No, I really feel...well, freedom, I guess. Still, they're doing Sweeney Todd next year. that I could sink my teeth into.

Maybe directing every other year gives me enough breathing room. I kind of like it as a game plan, at least, for now.

Still, I guess it depends how far I get with Pictures of You, now that I can pick it up, again. Looking forward to picking it up, too.

Late Night is at 292. That's about as low as it's going to go, for now. I kind of think it's funny that some writers chart the pages they've written, in their journal. This past month, I've been all about tracking the number of pages I've lost.

Currently reading: the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. Frothy, but enjoyable. I all about the frothy, right now!
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