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Although I've been working most of the day on making cuts to Late Night, I have been listening, with interest, to the debate about the economic stimulus package.

The whole debate is amusing beyond belief. The central thrust of the Republican argument seems to be: "Oh my God! Can you believe that there's money in this package for...(fill in the blank)." Money for building schools? Money for putting roofs on government buildings? Money for family planning clinics? Money to pay for liposuction for Rosie O'Donnell? Money for gay bee keepers, so they can have plenty of K-Y jelly for their bum? OH. MY. GOD! How is that economic stimulus? Who ever HEARD of such a thing???

What they seem to fail to see is that all of these proposals create one thing. JOBS! Buildings built require people to build them, family planning clinics require doctors...siphoning all that fat from Rosie O'Donnell's thighs is at least a year-long job in and of itself, for literally dozens of people. Jobs keep people working, allow them to spend money on...oh, I don't know. Their house. Their car. Deodorant. Frivolous things, like designer jeans, with appliques on them (five points for the first person to actually get that reference).

Oh, and by the way, 40% of the package is tax cuts. But Republicans don't like to talk about that part, because they're greedy, and they want it to be 100% about tax cuts. They seem to forget that they lost the November elections. So much for an elephant's memory.

But look closely, and you can see the fear that's really hiding behind the cold unfeeling steely gazes of our conservative brethren. Maybe there is something of a memory in there. See, back in 1930, FDR came into government and created a little something called the WPA, one of his alphabet soup agencies that was charged with getting people back to work, creating jobs.

What did it also create? A Democratic majority that lasted well into the 1960s.

Now THAT's what the Republicans really fear. If this stimulus bill goes through, they might be out of power for more than just a cycle. And it's really all about the power, isn't it? God forbid government should go around, oh...actually helping people or something. Who needs that???
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