Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria


We had our first meeting for 42nd Street the other night. I've agreed to direct, although I do have reservations...I have gone through Late Night for revisions thoroughly, and added about 40 pages, but I'd still like to review it, like, a hundred more times. I keep telling myself that it's an abundant universe, however, and I can do both projects.

Anyway, the creative team was sitting at our favorite eating establishment, shooting the shit. Our music director, Tony, who has known me since I was twenty, and still feels somewhat ambivalent about my relationship with Corb. The there was Judee, the choreographer and artistic director of the group, and Jo-Anne, my assistant director for the second year in a year. Think Rheba.

Courtney, Judee's daughter, also dropped by. She's going to grad school in New York City in about a week, but wanted to see all of us before she left. Very cheery, she was.

Well, we started talking about realtionships, and Courtney turned to me and asked, "Do you sewe yourself doing it again, Ted? I mean, coupling with Corb?"

I couldn't help myself. The word "coupling" sounded so funny. "You mean, in public? Like, on this table or something? Probably not!"

We all laughed, and I paused for a moment. "Yes, I think so. Someday." Then I shook my head, unable to release the image. "Wait. I wasn't talking about the table. Not that!" I squinted my eyes, and looked at the table next to us. "Maybe that one, though..."

It's interesting, what the future will bring. Corb and I have now been together for almost six years, and really have not had a major fight during that entire time. Every day, every week, seems to bring us closer and closer, and it's been wonderful to see him change so much this past year.

It would be nice to couple again. Just have to clear up a few things to make it happen.
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