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I hope that everyone had a great New Year's Eve!

We had a nice night. A little bittersweet, in some ways, but I am excited about what 2003 will bring.

We left the kids home along with Annie in charge. She had five friends over for a party. Everyone's still alive, although we did discover a broken pogo stick. Actually, Annie's friends remind me of mine in high school--they all seem to have come from the Island of Misfit Toys. So I approve.

We started our night out visiting my oldest friends--Buns and Pauline. Pauline and I squabbled over a board game a bit, we all definitely ate too much onion dip, but the time spent was as warm and cozy as sitting by the fireplace with your favourite fave.

Then went to a party that our friend Chris was holding. That was nice. I think it was the first time away from Buns and Pauline when the New Year is rung in in over a decade. Maybe more. I can get initimidated by people and invariably end up saying the wrong thing, but I think (I hope) that for the most part, I behaved well.

What will next year me, as my public identity changes? Where will we be come the next New Year's? With 2003 upon us, the process of a) Josie getting a full time job, then b) Me getting my own place begins... But beyond that, where we will go? Will I have a boyfriend next year? Will she?

mm, best not to think about either. I think we need to focus on establishing who WE are as individuals, seperate, alone first. But a few dates wouldn't be a bad thing in the interim...there. there's a good goal.

Reading "How Stella Got Her Groove Back." I like the stream of consciousness style. It'll probably rub off, so be forewarned.
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