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Snapshots from Green Victoria

Manger Management, 2008

My, little boy, what big ears you have...

Okay, so you could say that this year's manger scene is just a *wee* bit political...but it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do. I started to figure that I was going to do a Sarah Palin manger scene about three months ago, but after the election it seemed rather pointless...and also, I really didn't want to use baby Trig in the scene.

Then it hit me, about two weeks ago. In some ways, didn't McCain and Palin give "birth" to Barack Obama? They were ahead in the polls after the RNC, after all, and it really was their long string of mistakes and bungled cues that truly sealed the deal for any hopes they had of winning the election. I do believe that John McCain truly help to usher in Obama's presidency, by listening to advisors who forced him to become that which he is not, at heart, and Sarah Palin was surely there serving as the midwife.

(By the way, I am not overlooking the work that Obama put into his brilliant campaign...that's why he's smiling so widely!)

Please send all hate mail to New York City, please...I'll be partying there for the next few days!

Oh, and how was my birthday week-end, I hear you ask? Well, to answer that, I give you Exhibit A...Friday night...

...and here's Exhibit B, on Saturday night...

What do you mean, we're in a recession? It's my birthday week-end, dammit!

I must say, Corb certainly outdid himself, this time. He fooled me into thinking my birthday celebration was on Friday, and that only his mother and the kids were able to attend. Saturday night, he said I was "all his," and we stayed at the Renaissance Hotel in Providence. I thought we were just going to eat at our favorite Irish pub, Ri Ra, but when we arrived, everyone was waiting for us! Josie and the kids, Pauline, Mary-Beth, my parents, Corb's mom (again), my sister Kerrie, my boss...I have a group photo, but it's on another camera. I'll add it, later on.

I was completely surprised, to say the least. Two nights of was swell. But I do think that after this celebration, Corb can go easy on birthdays for the next two years...

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