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Ted takes on GREED

The cost of gas near our house. Last time gas was $1.99 a gallon, I was entering puberty!

The greedy are truly getting kicked in the ass, lately. And I can't say that I'm too unhappy about it.

Take tonight, for example. I had to take out some money from the ATM, and as we pulled into our parking spot, we noticed a kid in a Corvette, zipping into a space so that he could beat me into the ATM.

Only one problem: in his rush, he forgot to put his car in park. He's waiting in front of me in line, and suddenly he notices his car moving forward, over the parking barrier and down the hill. His friends scrambled out to keep it from driving into the road. It took them about ten minutes to get it back over the barrier.

Needless to say, Corb and I were quite amused.

On Corporate Greed

"I hope this recession last forever," said Corb, after filling up his tank with just $20, at a station selling gas at $1.99 a gallon.

It's true, when you look at it from that perspective. For those of us who aren't approaching retirement, and who didn't have much in the way retirement savings or stocks to begin with...and, who actually have a job, the only noticeable impact has been on our wallets...specifically, the money we're saving because of gas prices going lower and lower and lower.

I read today that the federal government is seriously thinking about helping out troubled homeowners, by reducing interest or offering longer loan terms to make the payments more affordable.

Of course, that only applies to folks who are three or four payments behind on their mortgage. This begs the question, for those of us who have managed to keep up on our mortgage payments: what about us? Why are they getting lower interest rates and lower mortgages, and we're not? We want in!

Even worse, some people will start thinking, "Well, why should I even worry about keeping up with my mortgage payments? I can just get behind and end up with a better rate. Either way, I'll still have the house!" And that, of course, will make things even worse, right?

Or will it? I have to be honest, I'm a bit of a pocket socialist on this whole thing. So what if the relief package trickles down (or up) to the average slob who's working hard to keep up in his house payments, but could use a break, maybe to pay off some other bills and credit cards?

Personally, I think the government should declare a "mortgage holiday," similar to the way that FDR declared a bank holiday, back in the 30s. For one time only, everyone would get postpone their mortgage payment. And they wouldn't have to pay two payments the following month: the missing payment would get pushed off to the end of the loan, so that people would simply have one more month of mortgage payments to make, at the end.

If people are concerned about the effect this would have on the mortgage industry, I ask: would it? It might help people get their act together and get back on track with their mortgage payments. It might help the economy, because people could use that "found" money on other things. And it wouldn't cost the government any additional money, unlike other economic stimulus tactics. And the mortgage industry wouldn't be losing any money, really...just deferring payment a little bit. So, what's the down side?

The down side, they will say, is that certain Wall Street companies wouldn't be able to post greedy huge profits for thirty days. Fie on that, I say. Look upon it as a one time hit that will benefit everyone in the long run. This ridiculous need to post bigger and better profits, and to do all you can to attain that precious promised ROI is what got us into stupid mess to begin with. Time to focus more on the little people. The fat cats have had it far too easy for far too long, if you ask me.

On Gonad Greed

And finally, I just had to point out the headline I noticed in the Miami Herald yesterday: "Batting Cage Machine with Mind of Its Own Fires Ball Into Man's Groin; Man Collects $1.2 Million."

Talk about gold nuggets...
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