Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

On Demon Dogs and Pack Sleeping

Yahoo News has a story today that Peru wants to offer Obama an allergy-free hairless dog that frankly, looks like a demon dog. Personally, I think he should take the offer, just so that those right wing nut jobs who were proclaiming the end of days can freak out.

Besides, "First Demon Dog" has a certain ring to it.


Just cleaned Ashes bed. Ashes is something of a pack sleeper--she literally gathers everything into her bed that she's used during the day. I found books, pencils, pens, discarded homework assignments, DVDs...Theo tells me that at Josie's house, she has a pair of scissors in her bed that have been there for weeks.

Right now, Ashes is making me read Twilight . I promised her I'd have it finished by the time the movie comes out. And, it's good enough and all that, but...well, a little fluffy, if you ask me. I mean, the last chapter that I read spread out over twenty pages and consisted of: Bella having a dream, walking through the woods, making dinner, going to school. For three days. Rinse, lather, repeat.

I kept turning the pages, waiting for something to happen, and nothing did. It's practically Seinfeldian.

It is a quick, light read, however. I can see why she...and thousands of teen age girls...and hundreds of gay boys...all across America... are obsessed.
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