Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

A week-end retreat.

Some of my favorite week-ends these days take place when Corb has to spend the week-end at his hotel as manager-on-duty. It happens every six weeks or so, and I have to admit, getting the chance to get away from the apartment for a few days, especially in a hotel as nice as Corb's, is a real treat. I like living the suite life.

This week-end, it's a family affair, too. Corb and I have the kids all three days, because Josie is traveling to Maine for a girl's week-end away, full of giggling, nail painting, shopping, cigars, and mug-runching.

And, even more interesting, Corb's mother is staying at our hotel, with five of her high school friends. They're having the same as Josie is, only in a slighter older, more mature way. Mug-runching is optional.

Actually, I think that Corb's mom planned this week-end as a way of relaxing, given everything that been going on with her boyfriend, Jim. She's supposed to be moving out of his house next week, after all, because she simply can't get him to agree to marry her. She needs her sistahs by her side, to complain about men, help her relax, and consume vast quantities of alcohol. Or at least, a few bottles of white wine.

When we saw her at the hotel this week-end, she gave use all huge hugs. "My family," she said. "The only family I have." I was waiting for the violins to start playing.

Oh, and we have another visitor with us, too. Her name is Lola, and she's a maltese little poodle sort of thing, with white fur (excuse me, hair) and little black button eyes. Weighs all of three pounds. She's also probably is the most pampered little thing I've ever seen in my life.

Corb's looking after her as a favor to the owners, who live in his hotel, and are going away for a bit. They've left very detailed instructions on what she is to be fed (including little pieces of hamburger that they want heated up for her), her pee pee pad, her leash, and...well...

Corb tossed the bag of wet wipes on the counter. "They're for her ass," he informed me, while the kids were eating breakfast. "They've asked me to wipe her ass with these wet wipes after she does her business. Says she's more comfortable that way."

"Oh, how sweet," I said. "You're really not, are you?"

Corb gave me "the look," his left eye squinting, his right eyebrow raised. "What do you think?"

So here I am, typing away, after a nice swim with the kids and a half hour on the treadmill. Supper's in the oven and Lola's sitting in front of me on the floor, lying on top of my blanket. Not a bad life!

I do feel somewhat guilty, however. The group that I direct shows for is putting on a fundraiser and I wish that I could be there, watching the show and cheering them on. Not to be, however...the hotel Corb works for is about an hour away, and taking the four of us at $20 a pop is well...not going to happen, unfortunately. Especially not when Ashes just wracked up $500 in cell phone charges for one month.

$500! I think it has to be some kind of right-of-passage, or something. I remember Annie getting in trouble because of text messaging, one time, and that was the end of me paying for her cell phone bill. Ashes, of course, we can't just shut off...we need her to have one, given the school that she goes to.$500 is more than my share of the rent for the apartment, for Christ's sake.


Sunday: Interesting news on two fronts. Josie called Verizon and managed (somehow) to reduce Ashes' bill by $400.

And, Corb's mother took him aside and told him that Jim has offered to buy her a ring and they can "tell" people they're engaged, even though he can't guarantee he'll marry her. I predict that'll be enough to keep her in the house.
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