Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

23 Random thoughts in Seven Days

Last week I had a week off from work, and rather than going anywhere special, I mostly spent the time simply relaxing at home. Here then, are the random thoughts I jotted down during my sabbatical...

#1: There's a cute skaterboy with long blond hair that zips past the apartment every morning and afternoon. Only once, each time. I wonder where he goes?
#2: I managed to polish off seven New Yorkers in my quest to go through all my back issues. My favorite issue was actually the double-sized 2008 Summer fiction issue, which contained the following observation, "It is almost gauche to wave the flag of general suffering in other people's faces."
#3: That quote probably wouldn't have had much of an impact on me, had I not read Annie Proulx's short story, "Tits Up In a Ditch" immediately before.
#4: I mean, great story, she's quite a powerful writer, but my goodness, doesn't anything good EVER happen to her characters?
#5: Speaking of which, Corb caught "Brokeback Mountain" this week-end.
#6: See item number four.
#7: At the same time that I went through seven magazines, I also picked up two more books. Proving once again that nature abhors a vaccum.
#8: As much as I loved Mamma Mia , the chronologic within the movie didn't make much sense to me. Okay, so Meryl Streep is clearly 50-ish, as are all her many men. But her daughter's twenty years old and was born during the age of flower power? And yet, the outfits Donna and the Dominoes wore were clearly mid seventies? My head's starting to hurt...
#9: My cats bug the shit out of me until I feed them in the morning, then they slink into some dark corner to hide.
#10: I want to be a cat.
#11: Unless I was a cat with hairballs, like Oliver. I don't much like the prospect of throwing up my food.
#12: Especially if I try to go back and eat up up again, which Oliver sometimes does.
#13: Explaining that we're not going to Canobie Lake because says there are going to be thunderstorms all day isn't something kids really understand. Especially when it's perfectly sunny where you're living ALL FREAKING DAY LONG.
#14: Even though I haven't been a teenager for quite a while now, I can still go to bed at three in the morning and sleep until noon with the best of them.
#15: I like the domestic pattern on doing a load of laundry each day and cleaning up around the house.
#16: Maintaining this domestic pattern is impossible during normal work days. For example, right now I have a pile of dishes in the sink and I'll be god-damned if I'm going to clean them.
#17: My kids will never admit it, but they actually like each other's company.
#18: I need to learn to mellow out more.
#19: And worry less.
#20: And try not to worry about money so much.
#21: I actually did sit ups this week. It felt good.
#22: Finished Doctor Who, Season Three. I think this one had some of the best episodes of the entire series! I loved Blink, for example, as well as the two parter where the Doctor becomes a human. And the Master is the best villain of all. Always was.
#23: In some ways I think vacations where you do nothing are the best vacations of all.
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