Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Matter transmission #34 1/2

"I think that Hayley's fecal matter is ending up in my eye," I said to Corb the other day, as we were driving to the supermarket.

After he had regained control of his car and avoided swerving onto the sidewalk, after he had finished laughing, Corb looked over at me in disbelief. "Ummmm...WHY?"

"No, I'm serious," I said. "You know the way she uses the kitty litter box. She always aims wrong and it ends up dribbling over the side of the box, onto the floor. Well, who do you think picks those messes up?"

"Do you pick them up with your eyelashes?" asked Corb.

"No, I pick them up with my mouth, silly," I replied. "It's when I sneeze that they fall into my eye." I paused. "No, seriously. I pick them up with toilet paper, but I feel as though some of it ends up on my hands. And then, if I'm wiping my eye...well, you get the picture."

Corb shook his head, sadly. "Yes, I think I do. For some reason, I decided to get involved with an insane person."

"It's not insane! This is a serious thing, Corbs. My right eye's been itching all day, and I think it's Hayley's fault."

"Well, I'll be sure to talk about it with Hayley when I get home," said Corb. "Right after I make a few calls and check you into an insane asylum."

Hmph. No respect, I tell you.


Is it me, or am I the only one who finds this "Bleeding Love" song to be kind of creepy? "If you cut me open, I'll still be bleeding love"...I mean, what is that all about?

What kind of sequel are we going to get? "If I eat a burrito, I'll still be dribbling love?"

I just think it strays a little but beyond romantic into...I dunno...a Freddie Kruger movie or something. Why would anyone want to cut her open to see if there was love in her blood? Wouldn't that hurt? What kind of boyfriend does she have there, anyway?


In case you haven't seen this video, it provides about all of the reasons I can think of to vote Republican this year...not. No, seriously, if you haven't seen it, it's worth a look. Pretty much sums it all up!


And finally, one of my favorite actresses of all time died yesterday. I loved Cyd Charise in Snging in the Rain, Silk Stockings, and most especially, The Band Wagon . "Dancing in the Dark" was a beautiful song with beautiful choreography, and she looks like she's in heaven, if you ask me, dancing with Fred. Scenes like that don't come around but once a decade...if ever again.

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