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Odds and Sods, Chapter 1810

Somehow, writing even a few lines makes the person who does it more substantial and real. In geometric terms, it's like the difference between a point and being a plane. Ian Frazier

On opening week-end
Opening night we had an audience size of 240, with only 70 tickets left to sell. The audience was incredibly enthusiastic, and I think that's what did the trick.

I was quite proud of my cast. We went from barely getting through the show on Tuesday ("A four hour production of Anything Goes," grumbled my costume designer, Daniel) to a good, but not great, dress rehearsal/free Vets performance, to an opening night that was just fabulous.

I downed three martinis last night, at our local watering hole. Corb sat next to me, watching, amused, as I progressively slumped further and further into a merry buzz. It had been the first time I had anything to drink for months, but I felt I deserved it. That night, it was all about celebrating life.

I read the first review of the show on Monday morning. "The director uses the 1987 version and creates a high energy musical masterpiece...Ted shows his versatility in the excellent direction of the dialogue. His blocking of the show ensures that all the performers are seen at all times creating some splendid picture post card moments."

So, I guess I pulled it off. I deliberately set the bar high, and made this production challenging. It could have been easy, but I decided not to take the easy road, this time around.

And yes, for those wondering, that old high school friend who tried out, Kevin, did show up to opening night.

On Obama and Hillary
Of course, political junkie that I am, I've been avidly following the end of the Hillary Clinton/Barak Obama campaign with great interest. I surf the lefty channels as much as I can. I particularly like Michaelangelo Signorele, who never fails to be interesting.

One thing I don't understand, however, is why so many individuals on both sides of the Hillary/Obama divide are so vitriolic about the opposing candidate. But perhps that's because I'm such a relativist, and can never see anything as black or white.

Personally, I think Obama would be well advised to take Hillary as his running mate. She did win almost half of her party's delegates, after all, and, according to which source you choose to believe, the majority of the popular vote (I think, by the way, that last statement is highly debatable). The point is however, that he would be smart to select somewhat who clearly has struck a chord with a large number of Democrats. Frankly, I think they'd be unbeatable together.

What I find very surprising, though, is the amount of hatred some Obama supporters have for Hillary. Come on, already...your guy won! Now's the time to play nice.

In particular, there are quite a few women for Obama that seem to be particularly nasty about Hillary. I'm really not sure why that is frankly.

I know that Josie wouldn't vote for Hillary. "I couldn't trust a woman president," she said. "She might have her period and blow us to bits." I found that attitude quite puzzling, particularly since I think Hilary's long past her fertile cycle.

The common word I hear is "bitch." And that makes me sad, because I feel she's fought a mostly honorable race. She has been aggressive. Even today's news that she would consider the vice president spot was kind of ballsy. But, so what? It reminds me of something Lyndon Johnson would do. But of course, when a man does something like that they simply are said to have balls. Why can't a woman have balls without being called a bitch?

On Chemistry
For over twenty years, I've had this work connection with a very nice lady named Lou.

Well, actually, her full name is Guadalupe. She's originally from Ecuador, and decided somehwere down the line that Lou was easier for people to say.

We originally started working together before I was married, at a sad little place called Chadwicks. After a few years, I moved on, and a year after that, she moved with me.

About eight years ago, I moved into a writing position, and Lou stayed where she was. We’ve kept in touch, although it’s gotten a bit infrequent these past few years.

Just on a whim, I sent her some information on Anything Goes, because she always enjoyed my whimsical little productions.

And later, that exact same day, I was eating lunch with Sarah, who recently joined our department and sits next to me. And she mentioned her husband, who also works for the company, and the person who sits to her, named Lou.

Turns out that her husband sits right in front of Lou. And I sit right in front of Sarah. What are the odds, in a building that contains over a thousand people?

I don’t know, I find it weird. And, I like the connection. There's a certain comfort to it.


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