Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Disney (part Two)

As you can see, we all got together on Monday and things for the Josie/Annie contigent are much better.

Spent the day at Disney Hollywood. If Sunday's challenge was to get Theo to enjoy Splash Mountain, Monday's was to get Ashes to go on the Tower of Terror.

Last time we went, Ashes was about eight, and begged me to let her go on the Tower of Terror. Foolishly, I agreed, and Annie, Ashes, and I went to stand in line.

The ride comes with a Twilight Zone-style introduction, and that did it for Ashes. She begged and pleaded not to go on the ride, while all the while, Annie was equally firm about going on the ride. I felt as though I were being torn in half.

Thankfully, the folks at Disney recognized my dilemma, and offered to look after Ashes while Annie and I went on the ride. However, once we made it to the very topic, a funny thing happened: the ride broke down. All the lights came up, we saw all the bells and whistles, and we were stuck there, for what seemed like half an hour.

I was worried, thinking about my eight-year-old, all alone, at the bottom of the ride. When the ride went back online, and we got to the bottom, I rushed out.

I shouldn't have worried. There she was, at the end of the line, dressed as a bellhop and escorting people out. She was having a great time!

Well, this time around, Ashes wanted nothing to do with the ride, even if she is now 14. But somehow, we managed to cajole her into going on it. And of course, facing up to her fears, she pronounced it her favorite ride there, and wanted to go on it ten more times.

I always like it when my kids face their fears, and realize they're not as bad as they thought.

Disney Hollywood was great fun, and the only incident worth mentioning took place on a ride that takes you through the movie classics. We had just eaten, and in the middle of the ride, Corb started feeling nauseous. He started looking for a way off the ride, but of course, there was none. We just kept telling him to take deep breaths, and finally, the tour guide caught wind of what was going on. Corb was let off the ride at an appropriate pause in the action, and the ride continued, without anyone knowing. Still, I was a bit worried about what might happen for a while there, sitting next to him...

At the end of the night, Annie was still all worried about transportation to their hotel. Josie says she thinks she realizes a mistake was made in not listening to me, and staying off-Disney property. And also, in not simply taking a taxi in the first place, and not dealing with a rental car company.

Nevertheless, she was awfully concerned about catching the shuttle back to the hotel, and once again didn't want to listen to us that the easiest way was to catch the boat to Epcot from our hotel. I was kind of firm, though, and sure enough, they arrived there, safely, without incident.

So, great second day! And as you can see, Theo picked himself up a hat.

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