Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Disney (part one)

Usually, the rule of thumb seems to be (at least, in my experience), the smaller the plane, the less turbulance you experience.

That wasn't the case yesterday. We had one stopover, and the plane to Clevland was about the size of a sardine can, but it was smooth sailing, all the way. Theo, who had spent days worrying about the flight, even said it was fun, and wanted to do it again.

"Great, you will!" I said. "Only it will be in an even bigger plane, so it will be even more fun!"

Famous last words. The plane ride from Cleveland to Orlando was choppy and turbulant, from the moment we took off.

Anyway, we're here! We spent the evening in Magic Kingdom last night, and I got to visit my Holy Land: Spash Mountain.

Last time I went on Splash Mountain with Theo he was five, and he hated the experience. He loved it up until the watery descent down the laughing hole, and then it was all downhill from there. He swore bhe would never go on it again.

Of course, that was then. Now, at eleven, he went on it, full of trepidition, and came out of it a true believer.

Annie and Josie, who were flying in a separate plane, did not have quite as much fun. Annie was planning to pick up a rental car, which I had warned her not to do, telling her that we were taking a taxi in, and that they probably had a shuttle from her hotel to Disney. When she arrived at the rental place, she was told that since she was under 25 there would be a $150 surcharge and they would hold $300 of her credit. Josie wasn't any help because her credit's shot and she could only pay in cash, which they wouldn't accept. The man behind the counter at Thrifty didn't want to hear it and wasn't interested in helping further, even though it was 11:00 at night and they were a mile and a half from the airport. Fortunately, there was an information person nearby, who took pity on them.

They ended up requesting a taxi, but he didn't show up until 12:30. Annie was a wreck, and eneded up throwing up, and jumping into nbed the minute she got to the hotel. Unsure if we'll see them today, but I think they'll come around, after they recover from their experience.

Let's hope. Today's Disney Hollywood!
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