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Apartment less complex?

Perhaps the apartment management is finally making overtures to try and repair our strained relations.

Things grew bad after the squirrel episode, but ever since the infamous shovel incident in December, I haven't said a word to management, and was resigned to living life here management-free, until we move out. I even started looking around at condos, while Corb was away in Georgia.

Well, with the play taking up so much of my time, I just never got around to paying the rent, which is due on the fifth. I was going to pay online last night, but I guess I got distracted by a shiny light or something.

So, at work today, I received a voicemail message from Jeannie, our office manager. "Um, tell, can you call, something?"

It had to be the rent, of course. Why else would she not say what it was about?

So, I called her back, preparing to be nagged about the importance of paying in a timely fashion, it's part of my contract, etc.

"Sorry about that," I said, when she got on the phone. "I've been directing this play, and..."

"Oh, really? A play?" she asked. "Where are you directing it?"

I told her the name of the college. "And what's the play?"

"Anything Goes."

"I love that play!" she said. "Do you mind some free publicity? We can promote it in our monthly newsletter. Do you have anything you could write up?"

"Well, yes, actually," I said. "I can print out the press release..."

"Do that!" she said. "And we'll include it."

"You know, I was going to drop off the check the other day, but it's past the fifth, so I figure I'd better just pay online..."

"Ah, just drop it off," she said. "You're Ted, after all."

Hmmm. What brought this on? Me likey.
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