Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria


Okay, so in order to start turning all this around (because it's high, high time to start turning all this around), I think I need to actually start listing the things I'm grateful for, these days. Such as:

--I'm grateful that the SciFi channel is playing new episodes of Doctor Who every Friday night, especially because we just finished watching the second series last night, and it will be awfully nice to see Rose back around, in the future. Besides, we like Catherine Tate.
--I'm grateful that Corb and I will be going off to the Cape today, just to get away. Tomorrow he leaves for Atlanta for two weeks, and I will miss him, terribly.
--I'm grateful that Ashes got on the honor roll, once again.
--I'm grateful I was actually able to get a full night's sleep, last night.
--I'm grateful that the scab on my head is drying up. Bald men shouldn't have scabs on their heads.
--And finally, I'm grateful that this day is absolutely gorgeous. The breeze traveling in feels wunderbar!
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