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Ted presidents

I was just nudged by manifestress, and of course, it's true...I haven't posted for about a week, and it's been on my mind. Thanks!

So, here I am at the St. Regis hotel in Washington DC, for an event that took place last week. I spotted the presidents up against the wall and couldn't resist: I just had to ask the photographer at the event to take a photo of me and the guys. Not my favorite photo of me, to be honest...I almost have a John McCain look to my face, for some reason. Not good.

Speaking of presidents, here's my question for the day: did you ever notice that whenever people talk of the "dream ticket" of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Hillary supporters are totally fine with it, but Barack supporters as a general rule tend to discount the idea?

What hubris. Even though Hillary/Oback or Oback/Hillary ticket is a sure way to unify the party and an unbeatable combination to win the White House--there's a slim chance, I think, that John McCain could ever beat that star power. But for some reason, Oback supporters tend to revile Hillary, which makes no sense to me. What has she done, really? And don't tell me she's been too negative on the campaign. Last time I looked, Hillary hasn't done anything even close to what Bush did to McCain last time around. There's been no Swift-boating of Obama, from my vantage point.

I really think it has to do with the fact that Hillary's a woman, frankly. Not that she's a Clinton--if Bill were running, this contest would have been over, months ago.

Oh, and speaking of contests: I am convinced that this endless campaign is incredibly good for the Democratic ticket, and only hurts the Republicans. In state after state, people have ben turning out in records numbers, voting in the Democratic primaries by two-to-one margins over the Republicans. That's true momentum, and a sign of what's going to happen in the general election. As long as one of the candidates don't get incredibly negative, that excitement will have a positive effect, in the long run.

Oh, and the play. Going well! I have 47 people in my show, now. The thing's an insane madhouse, and keeping me totally busy, but Corb, wise man that he is, figured it out last night, as I was having my thirteenth nervous breakdown: I like it that way! So, I'm very content right now, I am. Just not posting enough. :(
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