Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Ted's Latest Rule: Tis Better to Be Ugly/Cute than Cute/Ugly...

Oh, I know...I'm sorry. Yes, I'm alive. And yes, of course, you know the drill. I'm also really, really busy, which has taken away from my LJ time.

All of my free time seems taking up with preparing for rehearsals. Blocking, and finalizing the casting. I finished selecting the images for my multimedia presentation of "You're the Top." I've added into the show a fifth Angel (So now there's Faith, Charity, Chastity, Virtue...and Agnes), a nun and her five wards (one named Agnes), a quartet called The Gentlemen Callers, to support the four sailors, one of whom is named...well, ANGUS, actually.

He's Scottish, of course.

In our free time, Corb, Theo, and I have a new obsession: Doctor Who. A few weeks back, I picked up season one of the new series, with Chris Eccleston. I think it's better than the original series! Needless to say, we burnt through all thirteen episodes in about ten days or so. Seems a shame, actually, what with a $90 price tag for 13 episodes. See...something else to blame Bush for. His mishandling of the economy has driven up the cost of this British import, forcing me to pay 90 freaking bucks for thirteen 40-minute episodes of Dr. Who. Il n'ya plus de justice!

I think Chris Eccleston has to be the cutest Dr. Who. But then, the pickings are rather slim.

I think he's ugly-cute. Corb thinks he's cute-cute.

Oh. That's our latest theory. Men, you see, can generally be divided into five categories: cute-cute, cute-ugly, ugly-cute, and ugly-ugly. Oh, and then there's just plain fugly.

David Beckham, Brad Pitt...they're cute-cute. There's nothing ugly about them, no matter how you look at it.

A cute-ugly man would be someone, I think, who has cute features, but he's almost too perfect, making the person look artificial or bland. Think about...I don't know...Donny Osmond, or Paul McCartney, or Chandler on Friends, or Jesse Metcalf.

I think it's better to be ugly-cute. Those are the best men of all, if you ask me. Those are the one's I'm always atttracted to, the ones that make me weak in the knees. But then, I've always feared perfection. I like, instead, the guys who have noses that are too big, or ears that stick out, but there's still...I don't know...something. Daniel Craig, or Johnny Depp, or Jared Padalecki. Or, Chris Eccleston.

Corb and I have serious disagreements, by the way, about who goes where. But then, our tastes are so different. We can usually agree on ugly-ugly or fugly, however.
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