Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

A Nocompromising Look at 2007

So, that's it, huh?

Oh, you know what I mean. This is the time of year where you take a look at where you've been these past twelve months, and then try to fumble around putting together a few awkward sentences about whether it was all worth it or not.

I guess we're lucky, in a way, that we have LJ to help us string those awkward words together. At least, that's the way it works sometimes...there are some years, frankly, that I'd rather not take that look back.

This isn't one of those years, however. I really liked 2007! There were a lot of highlights, and thankfully, I was able to record them, all along the way.

To begin with, I started 2007 with the following photo, taken in Connecticut, on the way home from our trip to New York City with Corb's mother and her boyfriend:

See? I started out the year by capturing a giant weenie...and it was all uphill from there!

In January, I: saw The Drowsy Chaperone on Broadway, learned that Annie has hyperprolactinemia, went to see Wicked at Providence Performing Arts Center, and wrote a lovely story about Isaiah washington going to "gayhab."

In February, I: dealt with squirrels in our attic, encountered the wonder that is Gunther in an unforgettable adventure to Henniker, New Hampshire, traveled to Washington DC and saw a ghost, and helped Annie move into her own apartment.

In March, I: finally finished the Late Night Show , lived through a disastrous birthday party with four little boys in the apartment and an angry Troglodtye lurking underneath, learned that my boss was moving back to New York, and revealed my unnatural fear of the food left in the corners of refrigerators.

In April, I: bought my Stang!, judged a middle school One Act play festival, helped Corb's mother move out of her house, saw Bill Nye, the Science Guy, received my first nibbles from an agent on Late Night , and woke up early to witness a sunrise in West Palm.

In May, I: spent a week in Disneyworld, then flew to Washington DC, and lost my beloved Canon PowerShot camera.

In June, I: flew to Washington DC to accept a major PR award, spent a night in an emergency room with Corb, learned that my daughter killed off my father, freaked out over a cup of coffee on father's day, took a walking tour of New York's tenements, ate Brazilian, and attended my first Broadway preview, for Xanadu .

In July, I: OFFICIALLY GOT MYSELF AN AGENT!, spent the 4th at my parents' beach house (as usual), dealt with Oliver's pink elbow, won VIP tickets to a college boozefest, and dealt with Corb banging his head at Water Wizz.

In August, I: was promoted at work, learned that Corb changed me one percent, learned that my brother was divorcing his wife, dealt with Corb having a seizure after pushing my car (I am now noticing a theme here...), traveled to Provincetown, gave the kids a trip they'll never forget when Corb and I traveled to New York City and saw Wicked , and took a four-part trip down memory lane recalling my time spent in Edinburgh.

In September, I: had a great Oz-fest party, traveled to Canobie, and enjoyed chocolate fondue in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

In October, I: learned Corb has a new job, told the kids that Corb's my partner, played a hot cop in a play, started on my next novel, Pictures of You , talked about the importance of three little inches, revealed my fear of being crushed, attended jury duty not once but twice, and learned that several publishers are interested in seeing Late Night .

In November, I: came up with the brilliant Britney manger, traveled to Savannah and ate at Paula Deen's, and agreed to direct another play, Anything Goes.

In December, I: had a big fat crummy birthday that got better in the end, had a hellacious car trip into Long Island City, woke up at three in the morning to pick up a Wii, enjoyed a great feast at the Family Table, took my annual pilgrimage to the wilds of Cranston, and spent the past week sitting on my ass reading Sherlock Holmes and Wonder Woman.

My best months were all hot: June and July, but my Lord, I'm pretty happy with all the adventures taken! Here's to doing it all over again in 2008...I hope you all have many fabulous, wonderful stories to tell in the year ahead, and many martinis!

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