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More stories about Kitties and Britney

I swear, I SWEAR! I've been really sensitive to those people who HATE it when people post photos of cute kitties in their journals.

EXHIBIT ONE. Notice: I haven't posted a single photo of Oliver or Haley or any of the other dozens of cats that I have known and loved in my lifetime in months. Seriously! Well, maybe there was that Oliver and the Pink Elbow story...but that was a hell of a long time ago! At least, in cat years..., ah, um...I did want to post this photo.

As I've mentioned before, Haley and Oliver have been living together for about a year now. At first, we were really worried about how the two would get along.

Haley is an old dame, who lived with Corb's mother, alone, for years before she moved in with us. I always think of her of having the voice of one of the Simpson sisters--scratchy, deep, and rough, from years of booze and cigarettes. The question was, how was she going to handle having a young stud like Oliver jumping around her all day long?

Well, it was a rough start, but as you can see, she's grown accustomed to his face. Now, she even allows Oliver to lick her face clean! That's love, I tell you. Corb still gets angry with me whenever I try to lick his face.


Speaking of Corb, I'm very proud of my guy. No, not just because of the new job. Today, it's because of the way he handled his exit interview for his old job.

Instead of being nice and cordial, and letting bygones be bygones, he got right to the point, and opened up entirely about his old homophobic boss, Evil Maria.

He showed me the write-up, too. In it, he describes the hostile work environment and the many prejudicial comments that she made while she was his boss.

It may not go anywhere, but it's nice to see it in writing, and hopefully, whoever looks at the form in Human Resources may take notice. Corb was a damn good employee and didn't deserve the treatment he received, and perhaps this notice will help prevent what happened to him from happening to someone else.


Those of you who have been with me for a while will recall that every year, I make it a point to travel to the wilds of Cranston, Rhode Island, to gaze lovingly upon the gaudy handiwork of a gentleman who truly has a unique take on Christmas.

Every year, this guy finds a new way to bring new meaning to the phrase "gayer than Christmas," by putting up absolutely insane Christmas displays outside his house. I'm not sure exactly why he does it. It might be that he simply likes the attention--the road to his house is packed with gawkers for the three weeks that he puts up his display. It might be that he truly thinks that shrines to Liberace or Martha Stewart represent what "holiday spirit" is supposed to be about. But I think that, more than anything, he's making fun of those people who turn their house into Las Vegas during the month of his gay little creative mind, he's just taking things one step further.

His display in 2005, featuring Paris Hilton, was brilliant. His 2006 display wasn't quite as funny, although it still made an impact. Oprah's display was tasteful and all, but I was hoping for a bit more zing.

I know exactly what will give him zing in 2007. What else but a manger scene featuring Britney? Can't you see it: there you have Britney, sitting inside her glitzy Hollywood manger, with her two adorable blond children, wrapped in swaddling clothes. Instead of sprinkles of snow on the ground, you have...well, something else that's white. Three wise men are standing by her side: Perez Hilton, Chris Crocker, and P-Diddy. And outside, knock knock knocking on the manger door, is K-Fed, with a restraining order in hand.

I tell you, it would earn national headlines.

However, as Corb pointed out, whoever creates these displays (and we know not who it is) has probably been working on this year's theme for month's already.

Ah well, his loss.

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