Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Josie Finally Gets Her Man...

One thing that our neighborhood's good for...halloween excess. One thing Josie's good for--biting off the head of her men, like a praying mantas, right after intercourse!

The homestead, in case I haven't mentioned, is a poor, humble little dwelling nestled in a little hamlet that's about a minute away from the richest section of North Eldredge. And one thing that the rich know how to do is to is go overboard!

So, every year, we walk down to the rich section and go trick or treating. We get loads of candy, elaborate fun houses, and lots of liquid refreshments for the adults. Does it get any better than that?

This photo shows the best of the haunted houses. Every year, the owner of this place lays out an intricate haunted trail around his house, featuring live actors, fog machines, crypts, and tents with different themes (this time around, he had a maze and a tribute to evil clowns.) It's quite a site to see, and takes him about a month to put all together.

On the way home, Josie and Ashes walked arm in arm down our dirt trail, warbling off-key. I think that will be something everyone will remember for a while to come.

And, once we arrived back at the apartment, I finished off the night by telling the kids my annual story about the Pumpkin Ghost--a psychotic Halloween killer who tries to sneak into our house and do in my children. He's always foiled in the end, each and every time. I know, it's sick, but the kids beg me to tell them a new story, each and every year. Hey, how can I let them down?

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