Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Back in the Saddle, Again...

I'm back!

Corb and I had a great time during our trip to New York City. We took in some theater, gave the kids a trip that they said was one of the "best ever," and as you can see by this photo, even managed to snag a blessing upon our relationship from a dead pope!

Seriously, it was a great week, and I'll be writing all about it in the days to come...with photos, of course.


When we arrived home the first thing that we did, after showering our cats with some loving, was to feed our latest obsession:

Ugly Betty .

We stopped watching the show around mid-season, because we have trouble committing to shows every week, and knew that it would be better to watch the whole story unfold without interruption. So, for Corb's birthday, I picked up the complete first season on DVD.

It's been worth it. I gave Corb his present a week ago, and even with our trip, we're already up to disc five. Each episode's like candy, and it's hard at the end of 42 minutes not to move on to the next one. Besides being so gay-friendly, it's all about New York City, and the writing is usually sharp, mercifully avoiding the voiceover narration that's become so overused on so many shows that it's become tedious.

My favorite characters may not be the obvious ones. I love Betty, of course, but I tend to favor the older women: Vanessa Williams and Judith Light. Judith Light, especially. I think she plays her role--that of the alcoholic wife of a philandering magazine magnate--impeccably, and she has an incredible delivery that always seems believable, no matter how ridiculous the situation. I was delighted to read that she'll be a regular character in season two, moving up from recurring status.

One problem that I have, however, is that I tend to allow the "worlds" in these shows to rub off on me. While we were watching Alias , I would move around for hours afterwards as though I were a spy on a mission, turning corners carefully, or moving down a hall as if the James Bond theme were playing.

It's even worse with Ugly Betty . I walk around the apartment as if I'm Faye Summers with a martini in her hand, except I'm certain I can't raise my eyebrows half as high. I'll bet that Corb's grateful that we only have five episodes left.


Actually, the first thing I REALLY did when we returned to Eldredge was check my email, and one of the first ones I read was a note from my agent, about The Late Night Show . She’s been re-reading the novel for submission to publishers, and promised to provide me with some suggested edits so that it’s in good shape before it moves forward.

Her email was short:

I just re-read the ms, and, believe it or not, the only comments that I have are to make the ending unambiguous, but not predictable. When you've got a new ending, go ahead and email the revised ms. If you change anything other than the ending, let me know.

Since I have already written a short chapter to the manuscript that ties up the lose ends, this was no problem. In fact, I actually had this ending in mind before I submitted the manuscript to Caryn, but wanted to get her reaction to the story with a cliffhanger ending.

I’m not sure why exactly, except that I’m superstitious, and handle my writing in strange ways. I had the last three chapters hand-written before I started pitching the story, but refused to type them up until I received a nibble. Once Caryn asked for the full manuscript, I stated typing away, after providing the remaining story with a second edit.

Following our first conversation, I wrote out the ending, but waited until I heard from her "officially" before I started typing it up. And now, I can do that, although I wonder whether I should give the story another once-over, first.

Problem is, I’m incapable of looking at a page and NOT editing some more. Maybe it’d be best to leave well enough alone...


"It's good to be home," said Corb, as he fell into the bed this evening.

I know the feeling. Hotels are fun, but they can never compare to your very own pillow and mattress.

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