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Travels to the Uncut Tip of Massachusetts...

Anyone who's read my journal for a while knows that I'm all about traditions. July 4th at the beach house, the Christmas visit to the World's Tackiest Outdoor Christmas Display, Father's Day and lobster, New Year's and our Skanky Swap. Oh, and of course, the martini photo taken during a damn good meal, which this time around coincides with another important tradition: the annual visit to Provincetown, this past Saturday...

This time around, we hopped into the 'stang and left the kidlets for Josie around 10:30 in the morning, to take a leisurely three-hour drive to the uncut tip of Massachusetts. Traffic was heavy, but that wasn't what took us so long. We chose to drive to Provincetown along Rote 6A, which gave us a better view of the Cape scenery, along with a chance to glimpse some spectacular houses and more than a few quaint shops. It was a beautiful day, with a lusty wind cooling off the heat from the sun.

At one, we stopped into one such shop for a quick lunch, and then set out on the last leg of our journey.

Last year, this hotel's theme was "Gay Paree." I kind of liked that "look" better...the Prince theme doesn't seem quite as classy, Now, here's a word to the wise: if you are looking for your handsome Prince, make certain he appears to you in his true dimensions. Look, he could enhance himself with the following, and what good would that be?

Corb was actually quite amused by the C.Ring, and I contemplated buying one for him. But the odds that my guy would actually prance around in a swimsuit that small, even to show off his enhanced features, are: slim to none.

However, that doesn't mean that other guys would be that modest. This was Provincetown, after all. There was a lot of bare skin to be seen that Saturday, and a few parties that seemed somewhat suspect. Here are a few highlights:

Dinner was, wisely, a light one for me: one appletini, a small salad and three taquitos. And you know, I think even Corb was enjoying himself! Here's one of those rare photos of Corb that he actually allowed me to take:

Best of all, during dinner, we got to sit back and take a few photos of interesting people. I was feeling particularly lazy most of the day, and Corb was kind enough to indulge me, so if we needed anyone to pose for us, he got up and did the sweet talking. You'll see more of that tomorrow, but here's one dark lady that played dark magic til the clock struck on the twelve:

Most of the day was spent walking around, of course. That seems to be the thing to do. Walk, and stare. I did manage to pick up two great bathroom books: The Films of Elizabeth Taylor , and The Letters of Virginia Wolf, Volume One . True to form, I sat and devoured La Liz for two hours after we returned home. Everything I wanted to know about The V.I.P.s but was afraid to ask!

All in all, quite the day...

Next episode: Bring on the Queens...
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