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I woke up this morning, and after trying to catch up on a bit on Live Journal (it's been way too long), I headed back into the little bedroom to grab my New Yorker . There's Corb, asleep on the bed, laying on his side and clutching his pillow around his belly. His long legs are bare, and he's wiggling his toes, up and down, as if, in his dreamworld, he's busily playing a clarinet with his feet. It was an adorable sight.


It's been a relaxing week-end. Today we go to a party our friend Buns is throwing to introduce her a new puppy to the world. Yesterday, we took the kids out to see "At World's End." Or, tried to. Ashes hid under her bed and didn't want to go. I had already purchased the tickets, and wasn't up to the fight, so I invited Josie to go with us.

I was the best of the big budget three-quels infesting our movie theaters, if you ask me. Especially enjoyable if you stick around after the credits for the true final scene (most people didn't). The only problem I really had was with the opening scene, with the row upon row of dirty grimy people being hanged for associating with pirates. On the gallows, a small grimy boy takes up a pirate song, which everyone else starts singing. I almost thought that Mel Brooks was going to jump in and start singing "The Inquisition." No such luck.

As I said, however, it was the best of this summer's threequels. I liked it better than the second movie. It flowed, and I didn't think much about the three hours spent in the movie theater, although Corb complained of motion sickness at the end. I didn't mind that my bladder was ready to burst, by the end. Theo spent all of the credits complaining about his need to go to the bathroom. We just ignored him.

Third installments usually don't turn out that well. Think of anything, really: Spiderman. Batman. Superman. The original Star Wars trilogy (far less satisfying than The Empire Strikes Back.) Austin Powers. It's hard to get it up that third time. The original thrill of discovery is gone.

Exceptions would be things such as Harry Potter (although the third installment is the weakest in the series, trying to cram too much into it) or Lord of the Rings. I guess this makes sense, since they're both based upon source material. But of course, the best third installment ever spat forth has to be Goldfinger , whch really got the entire James Bond cottage industry rolling into high gear. It's not even the best in the series, really: that came immediately after, with Thunderball .


As I type, a large gaggle of geese passes by. All noisy, squbbling. That always seems to speak to me.

I love lazy Mondays, when you don't have anwhere particular to go. Since they're not as common as Sunday mornings, they seem to glow a bit brighter. It's a beautiful day here. Hope you're all enjoying your Monday!
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