Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

After many a Late Night, we finally catch up with our hero, wasting away again with a cabana boy... this mike on?

Sorry about the two-week absence thing. I've been holed up in my bunker, working on cleaning up my little writing project, "The Late Night Show." I am proud to report that I now have a fairly decent second draft, a bio cobbled together that actually looks decent (and doesn't contain any lies--who would have thought such a thing was possible?), and a one-page synopsis. I saved the synopsis as the last item to work on, because...well...if you really want to know the truth...I hate putting together one-page synopsis (synopsi? synopsneeze?). They're almost as annoying as watching Blake Lewis trying to mug for the camera, like the bastard stepchild of Phil Collins and Pat Boone.

By the way, here's my comment on last night's American Idol competition: I didn't watch it. After Melinda was let go last week, I totally lost interest in the show. And, from what I've heard, I'm not the only one. My friend Pauline gave up Idol in favor of the two-hour finale of Losted, and she was the only one I thought might actually care about the results. We opted for two hours of Buffy, season six, which is the, in my humble opinion, the most interesting and darkest of all the Buffy seasons.

Anyway, enough of that. But don't mind me if I babble every now and then okay? I haven't posted to Live Journal in two weeks, so I have a lot of nonsense to get out of my system!

I am proud (and relieved) that I have Late Night ready to send out tomorrow. In a way, I can't believe I got 'er done. Last week was unbelievably crazy. I flew out on Monday from the humble town of Eldredge to Disneyworld, for a three-day trip to the happiest place on earth. Then, on Wednesday afternoon, I flew to Washington DC for a press conference, which took place on Thursday. I have decided that I hate the traffic system in DC. There's a freaking traffic light on every freaking block! Then, home again, home again, on Friday.

I had some great photos to share of my trip, too. I had this really fun series that I wanted to post of my favorite part of the Disneyworld trip, believe it or not: watching Davy Jones perform! I know, I now, it sounds hokey, but hearing him sing "Girl, look what you've done to me" really appealed to my inner Marcia Brady. I mean, seriously. No, SERIOUSLY! I'm getting all squirmy inside just thinking about it, now.

However, I am very sad to report that my trusty Canon PowerShot somehow didn't make it home with me. I really loved that camera, and spent a bit of money to get it, too. For the past three years, I've taken literally hundreds of photos that I've posted to the "Yellow Hiss," but it looks as though it's not coming back.

I'm still trying to maintain a good attitude about the whole thing, but I've called the hotel, the rental car company, and even the Press Club, without any success. Yesterday, the Press Club called me to tell me that they located a camera, but it turned out to be a Fuji.

So, let us bow our heads and mourn the loss of my faithful sidekick.

And also, no photos for the nocompromises, for a while! I'm going to have to save up my pennies to get a new one that can take the place of my Canon (Today's photo was actually from West Palm). But more posts, I PROMISE. I've missed my morning addiction.
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