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For those who have asked for a look at my new you are!

Pretty, no? My favorite part, right now, is driving down the highway, listening to "Oh Lord, Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" from the Kill Bill soundtrack.

Some of you may want to move on to other journals, at this point

Now, here's the part that you may find strange...some of you may think that I'm totally crazy...some of you may just think I've been hanging around with my friend Psychic Sue for too long. And you may be right, too.

See, shortly after my trip to Henniker, I received a mysterious package in the mail from my bud, Sue.

Clearly, from the brown package, I could tell that it was a DVD of some sort. Curious, I started to remove the wrapping, and after twisting and ripping for about a half an hour, I discovered what was inside. It was a copy of The Secret .

Now, okay. I know what a few of you are thinking. The Secret, according to Wikipedia, is “described as a self-help film, and uses a documentary format to present the Law of Attraction. This law is the secret that, according to the tagline, "has traveled through centuries to reach you. The film features interviews of professionals in the business of promoting, teaching, or writing about the concept of the Law of Attraction.”

There’s a lot of criticism out there about it, too. The kindest, from what I can see, is that it’s nothing more than “common sense. Take out the buzzwords and pseudo religious nonsense about what you 'manifest' for yourself, ignore the vague prose and you get the message that thinking positively serves you better than thinking negatively.”

Be that as it may, I did watch the DVD with Corb, and after it was over, I made a list of three things I wanted to see manifested in my reality. Then, I folded a piece of paper in half, and wrote upon it “200-4-1.” I placed that on top of my computer at my desk.

The 200 was an easy goal that I placed, just to try something clearly attainable. I had 175 people on my friend’s list, and thought it would be fun to get 200. The ‘4’ was a little more difficult—I had plotted out the final four chapters of “Late Night Show,” and after all these years, I wanted it done. The ‘1’ was a work-related goal: I wanted to win an award for a campaign that I had overseen at work.

I don’t know if it was just seeing those numbers sit there, or what. However, all I know is that, of course, I was able to achieve the first goal, about a month ago. And then, about two weeks ago, I found myself finally writing the last chapter on Late Night Show, after four long years (and three major musical productions).

After those two, I created a new list, with more ambitious goals: “10-1-car.” The ‘10’ refers to the number of query letters I want to send out in the next month or so, trying to secure interest in both Late Night and Amelia. The ‘one’ refers to my goal: to get an agent interested in one of the queries. And the word ‘car’...well, that’s obvious.

Tuesday night, as you know, my third goal was reached, when I picked up the keys to my new car. But here’s the weird thing: that same day, as I was checking my email from work, I received another piece of news: the campaign I had submitted was receiving a Bulldog award! I’ll be flying down to Washington D.C. in June to accept the award on behalf of our team at a luncheon.

So...four goals out of six. Not bad, eh?

The final two are a bit more difficult, I think. Well, I suppose reaching ten queries is doable. After the first draft of Late Night was finished, I spent a week working on the query, and so far, I’ve sent out five. And yes, I have received two rejections, so far.

Doesn’t matter. Just need one ‘yes,’ right?

So, do I believe that "our feelings and thoughts attract real events in the world into our lives"? I think I'm just a little too cynical a human being to buy something like that hook, line, a sinker. Besides, during that time, work has become absolutely insane, and Ashes has gotten even worse.

Still, there is something to say about focus. The mind is an awfully powerful instrument. And I do believe that if you put your heart and soul into something, you can see it come true. So yes, maybe part of me does believe in it.


In other news, after American Idol ended Wednesday, I posted that "the long national nightmare is finally over." I made that post private about an hour later, not wanting to spoil the surprise for my dear friend gwendraith.

I thought it was funny that the next day, I went to and read the following: "The great national nightmare/American dream is over. Sanjaya Malakar is gone."

Great minds, eh? Or is it, great cliches?

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