Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

What's that new car smell? It's Nocompromises!

It's funny...I have the day off, because it's April vacation for the kids this week...and yet, I still had to wake up early, to do my Tuesday morning post!

I guess the big news is that I finally decided to take the plunge and buy myself a new car.

Okay...I think I'm just a litle excited about this decision..let me just dance around a bit before I write anything else...


Thanks. I go again...

But listen, Corb and I have been getting around on just one car for about six months, and it's been a lot of traveling, since he works about an hour from where I do. So, this is a good thing. Although I have to be honest, I'll kind of miss the time that the two of us spent in the car together, going back and forth from work. Talking through our day, holding's been...well, nice.

However, the Rav-4 is taking a beating with all the traveling, and while Corb's job has been great about working around the one car, they have been getting antsy. So, this week-end, I sucked it up and started looking around.

I decided to buy a 2007 Mustang. It's a bright blue color. Very nice. It feels great, being behind the wheel. I love feel of the seats, and the new car smell.

Okay, stop, I think I have to dance around again.

I'll pick it up tonight. I've always been partial to Mustangs. Had one for years. It was red and shiny. I bought it right before Josie and I first moved in together. I drove that car into the ground.

This does feel a little splurgy for me, which I'm not used to. But hey, with my raises, I kind of figure that I'm due, you know? It's sort of fun to do something just a little selfish.

But not too selfish. I promised Corb he can drive it to work, once a week!

In other news, Ashes has been a real problem this week. There's a lot to write about there...but I'm too busy dancing. Expect a totally gloomy, introspective, life-altering post later in the week...if I'm up to it...
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