Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Nyes, Guys, and Lies

The other night, as I drove into the homestead to pick the kids up after school, I learned from Ashes that Theo had gone over his friend Brett's house. Brett, as some of you may recall, is the kid who wanted to leave Theo's birthday party at four in the morning because he wasn't able to play video games at that time of night. He's also the one whose parents are in the process of separating, although they still live in the same house...for now.

Corb, Ashes, and I packed into my car and after picking up some dinner, drove to Brett's house to pick Theo up. As we were driving, Josie called me up. "I forgot to tell you that Theo went over to Brett's this afternoon," she said.

"That's okay," I said. "I forgot to tell you that I let Alexis come over the house to see Ashes." It was a draw.

As we pulled into Brett's driveway, Corb opened his door. "I'll go get him," he volunteered.

Ashes and I waited around for about five minutes or so, and finally, Corb and Theo came running out of the house.

"Brett's dad is buying his own house!" said Theo. "And he's going to get a dog and everything!"

"How does Brett feel about that?" I asked.

"He's fine with it. He's getting a new dog!" Dammit! If only I had known the secret four years ago...note to self: buy a dog, next time around...

"And I've got something to tell you later on," said Corb to me.

"So, what is it?" I asked Corb, the next morning, after we dropped Theo off at school.

"It's about Brett's dad," said Corb. "He was REALLY chummy with me. He kept talking about the house, and how much work it took to build it. And he kept leaning close to me, and he was wearing these baggy sweatpants, and every few seconds, he kept...picking at his crotch..."

I grinned. "Corb, are you trying to tell me that you were getting the gay vibe from Brett's dad?"

Corb nodded. "And his wife stayed in the kitchen, and wouldn't say a word. You could tell they can't stand each other."

"Well, play your cards right, big guy," I said, turning onto 495, to get Corb to work. "You may get a new house out of this deal!"

"I'd only do it to bring in extra money for us," Corb said, all sweet innocence. "He is loaded, after all..."

"Maybe that's why he was so willing to pick up Brett at four in the morning. He wanted to get a load of you in your jammies. So, you think that's why they're splitting up?"

"Maybe," said Corb.

"Corb, you could be Brett's new daddy!"

So, now we've got Brett's hot dad lusting after Corb. Of course, I spent the rest of the day tormenting Corb about it.

But just between the two of us, I trust Corb completely. Nothing would happen...although...he does have all day tomorrow off...



Last night, we drove to Bridgewater State College to hear Bill Nye the Science Guy speak. Theo's class was having a field trip, and the whole family was invited.

He has a slow, sidewinding style, and a funny delivery, and I learned a few things, too. I, for one, never realized that the Third Reich meant...Germany!

That night, though, the topic of his speech was fairly serious: global warming.

In this day and age, it absolutely amazes me that there are still politicians (albeit, usually ones bought and paid for by the oil and coal industries) that still dispute that global warming actually exists. Worse still, that it's so difficult to successfully introduce conservation efforts into this country.

Don't people get just a little nervous when they maintain these insane positions? Don't they think, sometimes, that they may be signing the death sentence for the world, and it could, possibly, happen while they're still around? Or are they just too stubborn to care?

Anyway, I'm thinking of buying a new car this Saturday, and will definitely keep gas mileage in mind as a consideration, though.

And another thing. What are the odds that I should hear the same stupid cliche twice in one day? Oh, I'm not talking about your common, every day, run of the mill cliches. I'm talking about one that I'd never heard before, but instantly recognized as an up-and-comer...and then, four hours later heard it used on the radio, once again.

The phrase in question is "It's nice to be great, but it's greater to be nice."

I mean, is it REALLY? What's so nice about just being nice?

I never really thought of "nice" as a nice word, frankly. I mean, when do you hear someone actually calling another person "nice"? I'll tell you when! It's usually when they're rather plain or utterly banal, and the only thing you can think of to say is, "Oh, isn't so-and-so such a nice person?"

Personally, I'd rather be great AND nice. Or better yet, live inside a mountain of dark chocolate. If you can give me that, I don't really care which way I end up.
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