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"Where am I going to place the filing cabinet in the bedroom?"

It was a simple request, really, but in the I Love Lucy world that I live in with that crazy man I love, it brought us down a whole new road. For Corb, thinking of a location for the filing cabinet in the big bedroom brought about a realization that, of all the rooms in the apartment, the big bedroom has never been redone since we moved in together, two years ago. And that realization brought about wholesale destruction to the big bedroom Sunday night, as everything was turned upside down...the bed, my writing area, the settee...everything.

And now, 24 hours later, I find myself typing this entry while sitting on the opposite side of the bedroom. Yesterday, my writing area faced the right wall. Tonight, it faces the left.

"That's a pretty big change, you know," I told Corb, before he went to bed last night. "It's like I'm writing from a totally different perspective."

Corb looked at me as though I had two heads. "I just moved the desk. You're just grumpy about it."

But no, I'm not. Don't get me wrong, I actually like it. This is the direction I faced when I lived in my little apartment. I'm not sure if it's east or west...I'm never that good with directions. I liked the flow that I would get into there, the feel as I sat down in front of the computer to set my thoughts down.

At the homestead, when I would type at Josie's computer, I would face either the south or north. That had a totally different feel, too.

I believe they've actually done studies about how people respond to changes in the workplace--like, for example, the position of your desk. Sometimes, it can help to shake things up. But I think it can also make you feel dizzy and disoriented, if you've been sitting in a certain direction, eight hours a day, to suddenly find yourself somewhere else.

On the whole, I like the wider area that this change brings. My filing cabinet is to my right, within easy access, and the shelving around my desk has been widened so that it extends over me, not to my side. That makes my reference material incredibly accessible. And, there's a window to my left, which will be great during the spring and summer...and also, there's a window to the right, so I can hear the geese honking a night. I find that sound romantic.

I do have my back to the open room, which I know, from a feng shui perspective, is bad. However, I do have the settee right next to me, so, whenever I'm feeling stifled, I can just jump onto it and let my mind wander for a bit.

Plus, it seems to attract Haley, who is now sitting under the setee, with her big bushy tail hanging out, thinking I can't see it. Every so often, I'll reach down and tweak her tail, and she'll jump forward a few inches. Oh, and now Oliver has moved under the desk, keeping watch over Haley.

See? Sometimes a change in orientation can do you good!
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