Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Well, 24 hours before the New York trip with Corb's mother gets underway, and we've already had the first big fight.

See, our agreement about traveling with Corb's mom had been that we would trvel in separate cars. However, about a week ago, Corb's mom persuaded us to go in our car. And, to save money, and wear and tear on my car, it really does make sense.

However, that led to a new issue: when to leave. Corb's mother wanted to leave at eight in the morning, but we have a party tonight, and wanted to leave at noon. She objected to this, saying it was a five hour trip, and that would mean we'd get there too late. Corb pointed out that it's only a three hour trip. They compromised at eleven in the morning.

Or so we thought. Apparently, Jim objected to eleven as a leaving point, so Corb's mom called back yesterday, saying eleven was unacceptable. Could we make it 9:30?

Corb stood his ground, and said that eleven was the compromise they had agreed upon. She grew angry and said she'd call him back today.

When she called back today, she said that they would be driving up in separate cars, because Corb was being so unreasonable. But then Corb pointed out that to park the car in a garage at the hotel, it's $50 a night, and they couldn't check in until Corb arrived. At that point, she started yelling at him. By the end of the conversation, Corb didn't want to even go with her.

Sigh. This one should be a barrel of monkeys...well, at least it'll make for a good story.
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