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Josie and I called Annie, driving home from Ashes' therapist.

Josie fumbled around with my cell phone, as Annie waited on the other end of the line. "How do you do this?" she asked.

"Hit the speaker button, right there--"

"Oh! Hello, Annie, can you hear us?" asked Josie.

"This is Richard and Emily Gilmore!" I said, trying on my best Edward Hermmann, and Annie sniggered.

"We just wanted to see how things went last night," said Josie.

"Did you see any more of him?"

"Yes. One other time," said Annie.

"You did?" I asked.

"What did he say?" asked Josie, almost simultaneously.

"Nothing," said Annie. "He just walked out of the elevator, with his wife and Christopher, and they moved to the door. And they looked at the party that was going on in the gatehouse, and looked at me...and then, they turned around and left, without saying a word. And that was it."

"That was it?" I asked, angry for her.

"Maybe they didn't know what to say," suggested Josie, trying to build a bridge. "It sounds like they wanted to say something."

We sat there, unsure of what to say next. "So, Annie. Do you think I look better than John?"

Annie laughed. "Yes, daddy. You do."

"And what about me?" asked Josie. "Do I look better than Rachel?"

"You look WAY better!" said Annie, animated.

"See?" said Josie, poking me. "I got a WAY better out of her!"

Well, another chance encounter out of the way. But I don't get some people. Okay, I get that he wasn't emotionally ready at a young age, and also, that he signed over his rights and responsibilities when I adopted Annie. But how could anyone give up the chance to get to know someone as wonderful as my girl?
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