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Small World

Well, it took a few days, but yesterday, I received the anticipated call from my mother. I was at work, and was wrapped up with something, but I played her message while driving home that night, navigating those old S curves.

"Teddy? I just wanted you to know that I loved your book. It had everything...I laughed, I was the best Christmas I received this year. I love you, sweetie."

So, I guess that "Project Moonfall" was a success. I'm glad, because I took a lot of time on it, more than I ever have for a Christmas present. Josie says that she's jealous, but I reminded her that my next project after The Late Night Show finally (finally!) wraps up is a look at our break up years. I'm thinking of it as a gay Love Letters .


In the meantime, Corb and I are making our plans for the New York trip, which takes place January 1. This morning, his mom wrangled us into taking one car to drive down. We had really been hoping to avoid that, but it does save on costs, so I guess it'll be endurable to spend four hours holed up inside a car with Corb's mom and her boyfriend. However, if she tries to save money by staying in one room together, I'm putting my foot down!


Oh, almost forgot. All my photos this week were taken during our Christmas party last Saturday night. After some light snacks, we drove to LaSallette in Attleboro, MA, to go check out their annual light display. It was a pretty sight, although navigating a group of fifteen around was something like herding cats.
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