Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

It's been interesting, reading all of the news today about Gerald Ford's death. Seeing statements like "healed our country during a time of crisis," "reached across party lines," and "had no enemies" really jumped out to me in all of the stories. I'm really too young to remember much about him, so I really don't have an opinion either way.

Of course, time heals all wounds, but it makes me wonder...when the obituary of the current president is written, can these words possibly be used? Certainly, when Reagan passed, many nice words were spoken, although there were many, many heated, less flattering words used while he was President.

Even so, I just don't see how even an obituary, which usually tries to discuss the deceased in glowing...or at least, positive...terms, will possibly be able to pin these labels on the current elephant.
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