Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria


In some ways, I think I like the day after Christmas more.

Don't get me wrong, Christmas is wonderful...all people and packages and food. All the unwrapping of that which you’ve planned for weeks, and the resulting excitement that it brings.

But the day after Christmas...well, I took today off, to look after the kids. Oh, and, to sleep.

I needed it, too. Christmas eve, Corb and I slept over at the homestead, as we always do. This year, we slept in the refurbished room, which no longer has a bed. We slept on top of a down comforter and five blankets.

It wasn’t exactly the most comfortable night of my life. I stayed up all night long, basically, thinking. About the future, about bills that need to be paid, promises that need to be kept, goals that need to be reached. And then, at six, Ashes woke up and I moved into her bed to keep her from waking everyone else up, and I spent the time thinking about how much I wished she would go back to sleep.

So today, I was able to sleep until 10:30. And then, at that time, I crept into the living room, to fish out the latest issue of the New Yorker, and finish it up. Theo was already awake, but was nice enough to pretend to still be sleeping. Ashes didn’t wake up until 12:30.

The rest of the day was spent watching TV and playing games. Which is pretty much what the day after Christmas has been for me for the pasdt three decades, since I was a child, now that I think about it. I conducted fizzy experiments with the kids and watched episodes of the Gilmore Girls. And now I’m at my computer, relaxing.

Boy did you pick the wrong present Department ...On an impulse, I bought Theo the first volume of the Super Mario Brothers Super Show . He made me sit through eight episodes today. I thought it would be cute, and I’m pretending to like it, but let me tell you, I literally think that my brain is turning to jelly.

The show has: wretched acting, horrible animation, endless advertisements for a companion show, The Legand of Zelda , and without a doubt, the worst theme song ever created by man, danced by the main live action characters, who more or less look as though they’re having a series of horrible epileptic seizures.

But at least, there’s history in it! In an episode called Rolling Down the River , we learn that Mark Twain challenged once King Kooper to a riverboat race, to become the Riverboat King. And, won! Now, there’s a hidden part of Americana that I never knew about, before.
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