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Snapshots from Green Victoria

Excuse me while I sniff this out...

For those of you who may have wondered how our transition to a two-cat has been going, I'd like to introduce: Exhibits A and B.

Don't those two cats look totally guilty in the second photo? There's Oliver, in the first pic, evidently enjoying whatever peculiar scent it is that's curling out like a question mark from Haley's anal cavity. And then, they realize: "Oh, shit! He's taking a picture." And suddenly, it's "What the hell are you looking at?"

So yes, the two cats do seem to be getting along, although Oliver has definitely assumed an alpha male role in the household. He spends half of his time tormenting and teasing poor Haley. And, he makes these really weird meowing noises all the time. They sound as though he's gargling underwater. I seriously think it's a mating call.

Usually, Haley hisses in response, but the other night, as I was typing at the computer, Haley suddenly ran past me, and nded up under the settee. Then--WHOOSH!--Oliver was running past me. He started making his mating call. Haley hissed at first but suddenly stopped, and they stayed that way another twenty minutes, with Oliver making his weird mating noise. Personally, I think the old biddy got a bit from her young stud boyfriend.


Last night, mylifetake2, you'll be happy to know that we went out for Mexican. No dollar tacos, although the dinner was excellent.

We met up with my assistant director for Kiss Me, Kate , Judi, who caught us up on all the latest gossip from my theater friends. It was a fun night, trading stories and laughing, and I'll be honest: for now, I much prefer living vicariously through Judi, than actively being a part of the theater scene. Too much other stuff going on!

Although...well...I have to make one little confession. I have agreed to one acting gig at the start of 2007. An old acting pal, Psychic Sue, has asked me to perform in a production of Love Letters with her the week before Valentine's. Oh, I know what you're all thinking. Rolled eyes! He always bitches about getting involved in a show and then always says yes! Yes! YES!!! Whore! Theater WHORE!

But look: it's just three days of work in Henniker, New Hampshire, to benefit an organization called the White Birch Community Center. Corb and I will get to stay in a beautiful bed and breakfast called The Adams 1810 House. I mean, wuld you say "no" to that? Would you? Huh? Nope, I thought not.

Anyway, if you're in the area February 10 and 11, come down and pay us a visit, okay?
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